Anyone who’s met us knows we love playing. First on//last up, Winter//Summer: we don’t care. We just love it. We also love it when rock bands do Unplugged shows, but it seems pretty rare in our scene, so we thought we’d float the idea of a genuine Unplugged//Acousticy concert with full alternate arrangements of the songs, plus future releases and even some songs specifically written for piano//acoustic that no one was ever supposed to hear.


You provide the place, we bring the party.

Alternate versions (Polka Remix, anyone?), cover requests and never before heard songs are the order of the day, in an intimate setting of your choosing. We’ll bring the electric piano and some acoustic guitars, sit and have a drink with up to 30 of your closest friends (any more and it becomes less intimate), talk shit and play until your neighbours kick us out.

If you want to have a truly bizarre night and with a hell of a lot of memories, enter your details below. It doesn’t cost you much, just travel & food expenses and if you want to collect money for tickets, or pass around a collection plate after, that’s up to you, just put any ideas in your request and we’ll split it 50//50 or whatever.

This is not aimed at promoters looking to make a quick buck, or for people looking to show off on IG how cool they are but for BurnFans who would like a bit more from us, to connect with the music you love and make some very weird memories from the time those four morons from BURNLANDS fought over hummus and played Heart’s “Alone” in an oompa style.